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The Quinbus Flestrin Museum, ARTGENDA, Hamburg, 2002

This work was made for a project in ARTGENDA called House calls. The idea was that the artists would make a show in somebody's´ apartment.
I transformed my guests (Ludger Dünnebacke) small apartment to a Quinbus Flestrin Museum. This work springs from a passage in Gulliver Travels, where the Lilliputs wrights a list of things they find in Gulliver's pockets. Quinbus Flestrin is what the Lilliputs call Gulliver. It means “The Man mountain” or “The Flesh mountain”.
I made some texts to different objects in the apartment - like the fridge, the stove, the bed, a coin, etc. A small sign with the text were installed in front of the object - like in a museum. On these signs the viewer could read the Lilliputs vivid speculations on these everyday objects.

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