He then posted those videos on YouTube, where one of the Line of Scrimmage crew members saw the videos and sent Thorsen a MySpace message suggesting he apply for the hosting job.

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I dont get it why people dont have conversations around where their retirement savings are, or if theyve been able to grow their wealth It might help others to make similar decisions.

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Johan Svensson
Published by Biondi Books, 2006

1. cover
2. Banana, 1999-, 12 x 12 cm, felt pen on paper.
3. Madonna - Ray of Light, 1999-, 12 x 12 cm, felt pen on paper.
4. Roxy Music - Country Life, 1999-, 12 x 12 cm, felt pen on paper.

Forewords by art critic/journalist Jelena Zetterstršm and music journalist Lennart Persson.